24SevenOffice API user

In order to get access to a client in 24SevenOffice, they should order an API-user through our InStore module at app.24sevenoffice.com (it's found in the menu). Alternatively the customer can send an email to support@24sevenoffice.com and order an API-user.

This user is then manually linked to a community user (the email address one uses to log in to app.24sevenoffice.com). Here you have the option of either setting up a user for the customer that is used in their integration or they can set up a user.

The customer can set up an integration with their personal user, but then they risk breaking the integration if their access rights change, their user is deactived, etc.

And just in case, a user can have access to multiple clients, so it is imperative that you run the integration on the correct one and that you give the user the option to choose which client should be used in the integration.