Activate a new customer - MyStore2GO

Your new user must own a production (Live) PowerOffice and MyStore account.

Collect the information ready to on-board:
-Customer Name (business or shop name)
-Customer idientifier (your id for this customer for communication on support and billing)
-Customer organisation number (this can also be used in customer identifier if needed)
-Notification email address (this is the email for all notifications, add more if necessary)
-Customer poweroffice client key (in poweroffice this is found under Settings > Extensions > Choose MyStore2Go


1.Login to your Linked2 Dashboard.

2.Select Add on MyStore2Go from your list of products.

3. Add your user information you have already collected:

After pressing submit you will receive a url to send to the client.

This will allow them to authorise the connection using the MyStore sign in.

Thats it ! as soon as the client has authorised MyStore orders are created and sent to poweroffice once updated to Sendt status.