MyStore orders to Poweroffice draft invoice

MyStore2Go sends MyStore orders to PowerOffice invoices in draft status on B2C and B2B domestic (Norwegian) orders.


1. Add product codes (Artikkelnummer to your MyStore Products)
They must exist on all products for sale including variant products. This is so PowerOffice can match or create the products with the correct code as the invoice is created.

2. Orders are downloaded when they reach MyStore Sendt status

3. If there are delivery or payment charges, these will be created in Poweroffice under codes:
CF01 : frieght charges
CP01: payment charges

How to test the process :

1.Make an order in MyStore.

2.Update the order status in your MyStore control panel to Sendt:

3. The order is now already in PowerOffice under Invoices > Draft

Troubleshooting - No Order in PowerOffice ?
Order not in PowerOffice

1. check your sku exists on the product on the order, this product sku is used as a link between MyStore products and PowerOffice, without it the order can not create.
You will find it in one of 2 places in MyStore.

a. Simple products:

b. Variant products