Basic Integration : what is included

What does the eMonkey integration do:
• Orders (b2C) are transferred from the online store to as Sales Orders (SO). Status update of order in online store might be required to trigger order.
• Existing customers are compared by email address, otherwise a new customer will be created
• Order lines and price are transferred from online store to
• Default payment number of days is set to 0 days.
After an order is downloaded to, this is automatically created:
Rules - can be customised upon request.
1. Customers are compared based on Email Address.
2. If  the customer does not exist, and a new contact is created.
3. 'Company Name' is used as the main contact name, not 'Company' is used during order registration, then First Name and Surname will be used as the main contact name.
4. Delivery and invoice address, email, phone and contact is also filled out automatically. For other fields and values ​​ask us about the possibilities.
5. Credit orders in webstore are not deleted back in
6. Not included :  update to store from visma to store order status 
Mapping - can be customized upon request.
1. Currency from online store order is used.
2. The product must exist in EAN/SKU in webstore = Product Number in Stock inventory is automatically updated.
3. The reference is filled out with Online Store order number. This allows for easy track of orders between systems.