Woo rt plugin installation

1. Install our WOO plugin from  here : eMonkeyRT.zip
2.Go to Wordpres general settings > eMonkey-RT as in the picture below and login with the emonkey user and password
3. After save, check under WooCommerce - Settings - Advanced - Webhooks.
System should create two webhooks. If not, then you have to create it manually. (Notice down each webhook id. Will need it to update eMonkeyRT settings.)

Orders creation webhook:
Name : eMonkey Order Creation
Status : Enabled
Topic : Order Created
Delivery URL: http://d30d4b9dd8d54830892694d2e54755e8.cloudapp.net/webhook.aspx
API Version : WP REST API Integration v2

Orders update webhook
Name : eMonkey on Order Update
Status : Enabled
Topic : Order Updated
Delivery URL: http://d30d4b9dd8d54830892694d2e54755e8.cloudapp.net/webhook.aspx
API Version : WP REST API Integration v2
4. If you have create the webhooks manually then you must update eMonkeyRT settings.