MamutMonkey Install notes

MS Windows requirements

MamutMonkey application is a Windows Forms (.exe) published using ClickOnce technology.


Mamutmonkey is a ClickOnce application. It is isolated, installing or running a ClickOnce application cannot break existing applications. ClickOnce applications are self-contained; each ClickOnce application is installed to and run from a secure per-user, per-application cache. For more information, see


Mamutmonkey requires read write permissions for HKEY_CURRENT_USER

Several string registry keys are created to store user preferences under Key emonkey.


Other references :

click once Security and Deployment:


pre-requisite click once deployment


Mamut requirements
MamutMonkey requires a Mamut installation that is able to connect to its central sql db. Mamutmonkey uses the Mamut API for all communication. Mamut must be up to date and operational on the target machine. Sql permissions are the same as the Mamut user, there should be no sql permission modifications required as communication is via api.

Mamutmonkey requires access to the Mamut registry keys under local machine to locate the Mamut.ini for SystemDatabase, Server, Instans under section [SQL].