Vipps SFTP is used to provide access to your Vipps settlement and payout data, primarily for accountants and integrators. You can read more about this by following this link to Vipps Settlements.

This document will walk you through creating a SFTP account-

1. Sign into your Vipps admin account at
Choose “Utkikler” from the menu and select the SFTP Access tab.

2. Click “Add User”

3. Copy-Paste the SSH Key
Use the key we supply you.

It will look like this (it is a single line without any line breaks):
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQC6RMR/5Ad7lmJjk+DNnGPhqXRskCCfCg+W8cOsy+2jFQ+Qp8sXl0I/jPFPec6u5Bzc2zxOnmOVzH4KGJ3hwVXtkX5wCU3RlGTi8vejToyARPqUkV0MLOq8lWtQ0LGJyK+W6a2U2H7j/gH10DHuyb2CvMpCbl873gqISYsYFOMUkPrsdF7T39Ya7cNM0xphFrgW1qkkf8Hkt0RxT4rXuRjKFiOgwz07lcX2pQiCwS8tRBp85lEpTluxrLXzrxcDjAbAU4i0cqiRenAkYhbcgowLuU6MTCiV18XJbBKIKEGh2pgd7+pa4I4GEJomkUE4Jrh+6UkAUiabdKwioT+rle0Z

Be sure to copy everything, including the ssh-ras and the email address at the end, and paste it into the SSH Key input in Vipps. 

4 – Verify and Name the Account
Vipps will verify the key. If the key is invalid try again to copy the key, and make sure you copy all of it, without leading or trailing spaces.
You can add any descriptive title you like but we recommend including the email address at the end of your public key in this, of the form {your company

The Linked2 SFTP account is created.